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What is it going to take this time?

You are capable, intelligent, and thoughtful, but that doesn’t seem to matter right now.

You know exactly what you want, but you can’t seem to get there on your own this time.

The truth is, you’re going beyond where you’ve gone before.

You can feel that stretch.

What worked for a while doesn’t work, and it’s exhausting and disheartening.

You have your moments of courage and grace, but you also get in your own way (and only notice when it feels too late).

It’s not too late.

You arrived here following an impulse – that maybe there’s a solution or support that feels right for you.

You’ve found it.

We can offer you the relief and deep support you’re looking for.

Welcome! We’re glad you found us.

David Todd

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Katie Todd

More About Me

Perhaps a friend, loved one, or colleague sent you.

Did you start out looking for a leadership coach, a healer, a therapist, or a consultant?

You’ve found all the above and more.

We help Conscious Evolutionaries cultivate deep vitality and relational mastery, so they can bring their wholehearted wisdom to a lifetime of aligned action.

Together, we’ll create dynamic learning experiences to awaken and expand your emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence, to unlock new awareness and skills.

We’ll create customized practices for expanding your capacity to meet any challenge and thrive.

Who are Conscious Evolutionaries?

They can sense when change is afoot, answer to a distinct calling, and see other ways of doing and being. They know there’s more to the story and can stand in uncertainty and embrace complexity.

Conscious Evolutionaries have a deep desire to discover and share their gifts. They don’t want to withhold their love and inspiration.

They know fear is a wake-up call. And, they know resistance only makes the fear grow.

Tender, but resilient, conscious evolutionaries can lean into, or they can lie down in the grass with surrender and openness. They can be still, they can dance, if they want to, and they can listen very deeply.

Hint: If you listen closely, you might recognize some of this and more in yourself.

What’s possible with a little support?

As an “Evolutionary Arts Collective,” Sofia Studio is a fluid, multi-disciplinary practice committed to delivering a variety of expansive experiences for personal and organizational growth.

We work with individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Growth, Learning, and Healing are all experiences of a similar movement.

Through attuned connection, respect, and a sense of safety, we collaborate with you to create the fertile ground for deep-rooted learning.

Bringing boundless curiosity and unconditional kindness, we elicit new learning and growth with greater capacity and new skills for what’s next.

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Wherever you are, our hope is that you experience a sigh of relief.

A felt sense of recognition that you’ve found a resource for deep care and inspired growth.

We work remotely through video and phone portals, and in-person for custom engagements.

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We are devoted to Love, Serve, and Remember Unity.

In the midst of all the confusion in the great marketplace of life,
did you live the life seeded in your soul to begin with?
In the twists of fate that entangled you in the troubles of the world,
did you find the thread of destiny intended for you?

In the end did you become weird enough
and finally wise enough
to become yourself?

– Michael Meade