We invite you to see what is possible here…

Our mission is to meet you right where you are…

… to help you create what you want and gather all you’ll need for your journey onward,

… so you will feel an expanded sense of awareness,

… a greater capacity and depth to hold the waves, ripples, and eddies that life presents…

… and you will stand tall with enhanced skills at your fingertips

… to sustain you through any adventure, challenge, and wonder-filled success that lies ahead.

Wonders Will Never Cease

When we work together, we attune to you–
your needs, your fears, your hurts, and your deep desires.

Through warm inquiry, tenacious curiosity, and quiet sensing,
we listen deeply for what’s essential in you.

Together, we will spark wholehearted wisdom right where you are.
We’ll often know when a golden insight arises
or when an easy, knowing breath returns.

We will build on new insights, awareness, and sensations
to develop highly personal practices and useful skills
to carry with you and within you.

About Sofia Studio

How We Can Help

Performance: Personal & Professional Potency—Rooting out unconscious responses and habits that undermine, and safely introducing new choices to expand your sense of alignment and freedom for courageous, potent action.

Spiritual Guidance—Attuning to your personal, intimate connection to the divine, and nurturing our capacity to navigate with profound connection to source

Embodied Wholeness & Vitality—The deep work of healing our wounds of separation, regaining a felt experience of wholeness, and bringing our fragmented minds and bodies into awareness with a sense of warmth and vitality… connecting us with something greater.

Relational Mastery—Interrupting challenging patterns in key relationships, disentangling and discovering new ways to relate, and developing skillful communication and action that allows harmony and strength to emerge.

Collective Genius—Cultivating a deep sense of belonging and care, accessing our latent capacities to grow, learn, heal, and create together as connected social beings.

Creative Evolution—Activating a sacred, safe container to hold the complexity, uncertainty, and volatility where all of our creative, evolutionary resourcefulness comes online, and genius emerges. 

Our Work with You

Whether you’re embarking on a specific project, a pivot, or a new creation…
or you’re experiencing a deeper, internal shift,
or a dark night of the soul…
I am here for you.

I have offerings for individuals and organizations.


David offers coaching and group facilitation that begins and ends with potent presence and open-hearted connection. From there, all directions and depths are possible. In sessions, David facilitates a space of deep listening, sensing, and inquiry for what is true, essential, and wanting to emerge. He facilitates generative experimentation and exploration, which often includes relational and broader systemic dynamics. He also drops in and senses the deep-felt experience held in the body, and senses what might restore movement and flow and strength. All levels and layers of experiences are included. The result is feeling deeply heard and seen. And, you’ll be challenged AND supported. It’s David’s mission to cultivate soulful potency and connection.  

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Sofia Studio, an “Evolutionary Arts Collective”

David Todd is the founding core of Sofia Studio, but he collaborates extensively with other consultants, coaches, healers, artists, therapists, and facilitators. We expand, contract, and shape-shift as engagements require.

Some engagements are intimate, one-to-one processes… some are best experienced within the collective wisdom of a group…

And some are customized, co-created group experiences that illicit the right experiential dynamics to seed deep, expansive learning in the participants.

Like an evolutionary living system, we’re always learning, adapting, and thriving with our clients. We collaborate and co-create customized workshops in response to our own creative impulses and the emergent needs of clients.

We often include organizational development practitioners, therapists, visual facilitators, designers and artists to really ignite the creative process with the ideal talent and resources for the job. If you’re interested in collaborating, please contact David.

Follow your curiosity. Feel free to call, (503) 267-4197

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