About Your Experience

A Warm Invitation to You

May each page of this site flicker onto your screen like the sun cresting the horizon…

Casting new light on familiar terrain, something new is coming into awareness with anticipation and potency.

The light suddenly radiates… warmer… the sun feels closer.

We invite you to see what is possible here…

You Belong in This Special Place

Sometimes you land in a place after an exhausting, challenging stretch…

… and when you arrive, something softens… and there’s a little more space to breathe, reset, and assess.

What’s here? You’ve arrived at a special place.

You belong here, you were guided here, and now something new is beginning to seem possible.

There’s a flicker of recognition… and a sense of faith returning.

May you allow it with ease, curiosity, and wonderment.

We Were Meant to Meet

Our mission is to meet you right where you are…

… to help you create what you want and gather all you’ll need for your journey onward,

… so you will feel an expanded sense of awareness, a greater capacity and depth to hold the waves, ripples, and eddies that life presents…

… and you’ll stand tall with skills at your fingertips to sustain you through any adventure, challenge, and wonder-filled success that lies ahead.

Wonders Will Never Cease

When we work together, we attune to you – your needs, your fears, your hurts, and your deep desires.

Through warm inquiry, tenacious curiosity, and quiet sensing, we listen deeply for what’s essential in you.

Together, we will spark wholehearted wisdom right where you are. We’ll often know when a golden insight arises or when an easy, knowing breath returns.

We will build on insights and new sensations to develop highly personal practices and useful skills to carry with you for exhilarating action.


About Sofia Studio

We Are an Evolutionary Arts Collective

We are consultants, coaches, healers, artists, therapists, and facilitators. We expand, contract, and shape-shift as engagements require.

Some engagements are intimate, one-to-one processes; some are best experienced within the collective genius of a group; and some are customized, co-created group experiences that illicit the right experiential dynamics to seed deep, expansive learning in the participants.

Like a living system or a collective organism, we’re always learning, adapting, and thriving with our clients.

Katie offers her unique brand of energy work, The Flow of Grace.

The Flow of Grace allows on to experience deep relaxation and profound transformation simultaneously. Katie invokes a clear and loving healing field in which your nervous system can receive the energetic upgrades aligned with your soul’s evolution. What this means is that habitual or conditioned patterns of behaving and relating (especially the ones we don’t like and want to transcend) can be met and gently rewired. It is often a physical experience of Grace- warmth, tingly energy and life force moving through the body.  At the end of a session, clients feel light, clear, connected with themselves and something much bigger.  

David offers coaching and group facilitation infused with a real elastic quality that can expand and zoom out to spin the room and see systemic dynamics from multiple angles… and, the next moment, zoom in and sense the deep-felt experience of tension in the body and what restores movement and flow.

We collaborate and co-create customized workshops in response to our own creative impulses and the emergent needs of clients – including families, businesses, organizations, and communities.

We often include organizational development practitioners, therapists, co-facilitators, teachers, designers and artists to really ignite the creative process with the ideal talent and resources for the job. If you’re interested in collaborating, please contact David.

Our Work with You

We have offerings for tough afternoons, challenging weeks, seasons of committed growth, and uprooted overhauls.

Whether you’re embarking on a specific project, pivot, or new creation… or you’re experiencing a deeper shift, a dark night of the soul, or period of personal reorganization… we are here for you.

We have offerings for individuals, families, groups, and communities… everywhere!

Through the marvels of modern technology, we work remotely through private video conferencing and phone portals.

We also travel to work onsite for customized workshops, trainings, retreats, and engagements.

How We Can Help

Performance: Personal & Professional Potency—Root out unconscious responses and habits that undermine, and safely introduce new choices to expand your sense of spacious freedom for courageous potent action.

Relational Insight, Capacity, and Skill—Disrupt challenging patterns in key relationships, disentangle and discover new ways to relate, and develop skillful communication and action that allows supportive harmony to emerge.

Embodied Wholeness and Vitality—This is the deep work of healing our wounds of separation, regaining a felt experience of wholeness, and bringing our fragmented minds and bodies into awareness with a sense of warmth and vitality… connecting us with something greater.

Collective Genius—In a nutshell, we cultivate a deep sense of belonging and care, access our latent capacities to grow, learn, heal, and create together as connected social beings.

Creative Evolution—Establish a container to hold the complexity, uncertainty, and volatility. ALL of our evolutionary resourcefulness comes online, and genius emerges.

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