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Coaching & Consulting with David

Awakening Power & Love

You can show up exactly as you are, and you’ll be met with warmth, compassion, and deep curiosity.

Together we’ll breathe new life into areas of uncertainty, struggle, and chronic self sabotage. Through radical, whole self inquiry and experimentation, we’ll evoke a new open space where unexpected possibilities can come to light. 

You’ll feel deeply heard and seen, AND you’ll be challenged and supported.

Your deep well-being, relationships, and amazing contributions matter…

So our work will be to access, awaken, and activate your wholehearted wisdom and potency.

We optimize our work together for wisdom & creativity to flow.

We go beyond talking. Sessions are experiential, meaning they often go beyond talking into embodied awareness exploration, visual practices, and other generative experimentation. 

In our exploration, we’ll discover new possibilities, create simple practices to integrate learning, and develop high-leverage moves to springboard forward with courage and momentum.

This is soulful, life changing work.


Let’s start with a powerful conversation.

David does a free consultation call to ensure that it’s a genuine, mutual fit. If so, we’ll assess our scope and propose a path forward. If it is not a fit, David can often make tailored suggestions for better suited resources.

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