Where is Sofia Studio?

Most of the time, we work remotely by video and phone. You can be anywhere with good connectivity and comfort.

We do have an office at 122 Main Street in New Paltz, NY, where we see clients in-person.

And, we do work in-person with limited availability in Portland, OR and New York City, NY – or elsewhere for custom engagements with established clients.

Let us be of service to you…

You’ve come this far, you’re still reading, and that’s a good start.

Giving us a call allows you to take that next step of telling someone that you could use a little support.

We make this easy with a free discovery and alignment call.

We really value this first call, because we also want to make sure that we’re a good fit for what you want.

We both get a chance to ask questions, learn about each other, and come to a clear sense of alignment.