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Cycling through the same story again and again…

If you’re in this loop and it’s beginning to exhaust you, and the symptoms remain the same…

If you keep finding yourself in challenges and patterns that don’t make sense, given all that you’ve learned and tried…

A constellation can reveal hidden loyalties, clarify unconscious relational patterns, and offer new possibilities and provide access to deep restorative strength from unexpected sources.

Constellations can help heal a variety of issues, including family, work, money, health, personal, and spiritual matters.

Systemic Constellation Work, also called Family Constellation Work, is based on the observation that our bodies have an automatic, unconscious way of knowing information about how we relate to our family and our social systems to which we belong.

By tapping into our body’s experience and implicit intelligence, constellations help bypass our stories and defenses to reveal deeper truths and opportunities for learning and healing. In Constellations we make these felt inner maps of relationships and systems visible. Once visible and conscious, we can see our circumstances more clearly and move more freely.

Changes and new movements that occur in constellations can ripple out in positive ways for the client, as well as other members of their family, organization, or community.

Constellation Work has been practiced around the world for decades. When people first hear its description it can seem magical, but this deep work often gives participants a feeling of tapping into a larger, essential truth. While Constellation Work is complicated to describe, it makes sense once you’ve experienced it.

It is an amazing, insightful experience, and we’re honored to offer this sacred work in service to deep felt belonging, dignity, and freedom.

There are several ways to participate in a Constellation Circle.


Clients are those who seek new movement, growth, learning, or healing.

As a witness to the constellation, clients are able to see their internalized experience externalized. This alone often yields new awareness that is not possible through rehashing the story.

Constellations often open up movement in places that have been stuck, such as noticing and shifting an old family pattern, revealing the true motivations of an action, or releasing energy around a chronic issue.

The healing that emerges may ripple out over days and weeks as the changes in the constellation integrate into the client’s life and system.


Representatives stand in to represent something for a client’s constellation.

Being a representative in a constellation has its own benefits. Once representatives are placed in a constellation, their task is to simply pay attention to their body’s sensations. The process unfolds quite naturally, and there is no role playing involved.

Representing connects people with subtle soulful energies that help to expand their experience of humanity… and it gives them a unique sense of connection as they participate in another’s healing process.


Witnesses offer their attention to the client and whole circle as a key element of creating and holding space.

Witnesses holding the circle report a deeply felt experience and expanded sense of compassion and connectedness.


A Sense of Constellations

When we do a “constellation,” other participants in our circle are enrolled to “represent” the relevant elements in the client’s system, such as father, mother, spouse, boss, coworker, etc.

The client chooses representatives for each of these elements… and situates them in our space based on a felt sense of where they are in relationship to each other. A representative for the client’s Self is also chosen and placed into the constellation of elements.

The facilitator then asks the representatives to report on their experience while standing in relation to the others enrolled in the constellation. They share body sensations, reoccurring thoughts, and emotions.

The facilitator gently guides the movements of the representatives and suggests healing statements to help shift the system into a more harmonious alignment. The entire process takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Through the process, disruptions in the system come to light, essential yet excluded elements are included, the wholeness of the system is seen and acknowledged, and new opportunities for healing are revealed.

Constellations in Organizational & Community Settings

Constellation Work has evolved to include practices that serve teams, organizations, and communities.

We create customized learning and development opportunities as needs arise with established professional and executive clients seeking to gain systemic insights and expand the impact of their leadership.

If you came seeking Constellation Work for your organization, please schedule a free discovery call with David.

We invite you to join us for a Constellation Circle.

Whether you wish to have a constellation, or witness and represent in a constellation, all participants can experience healing and take away new learning and unforeseen possibilities.

We create and host Constellation Circles as demand arises. Please visit our NOW page for upcoming circles.

If you would like to have a constellation, please schedule a free consultation so we can share the best options for what you’re seeking: (503) 267-4197.