David Todd

Early Inquiries into Healing

As a life-long athlete, David has always sought ways to play. He’s not much of a spectator or fan, so don’t ask him about the Lakers or Celtics teams of the 80s or how many Wimbledons Navratilova won, but David has been deeply inspired by athletes and teams achieving unthinkable feats of skill, strength, and collective capacity for transcendent alignment.

This life of seeking fun movement in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tennis, eventually led to injuries which led him to inquiries on healing, including the Feldenkrais Method and other somatic modalities. Feldenkrais has become central to David’s personal development, healing, and growing self-awareness.

Eclectic Studies for Understanding Human Life

Since high school, David has held some guiding questions about human development and consciousness. This led to eclectic studies, curious travels, and a variety of professional experiences. David began his professional life as a teacher and coach. He has a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Lewis & Clark College.

With a deep interest and curiosity about how human’s live and craft their subsistence, David learned natural building techniques that led to crafting sustainability-focused service-learning opportunities as a teacher. Later, that interest in sustainable and regenerative design and building led to work in residential real estate with an emphasis on eco-design consulting.

The Path to Personal Development Coaching

Years of helping people craft and envision how their homesteads could reflect their values for ecological stewardship and creating their dream homes and communities, David became a personal development coach in service to developing and realizing human potential.

David completed his training at the Coaches Training Institute in 2014 and quickly enrolled in training for Systemic Constellation Work with Jane Peterson at the Human Systems Institute. Following his curiosity and inkling that this systemic, relational, and embodied modality might bring together a greater vision, he’s developed a unique form of elemental coaching and facilitation.

Sofia Studio is David’s space to create offerings and experiences freely in the collaborative company of kindred spirits and talented practitioners.