Why is this called “Sofia Studio”?

Within the “Studio,” I am making space and time for free flowing creativity in service to real, live, potent freedom.

“Sofia” is the heart of it all. The word “Sofia” (from the Greek, sophia, σοφια) refers to my intention to connect and source divine wisdom in our experience and expression of wholeness. It’s about including our whole selves in service to a greater unity.

Ultimately, I am committed to love, service, and actively remembering unity.

Can I send my husband to you?

Yes, I work with a lot of men. In addition to private sessions, I usually have multiple Men’s Wholeness Circles running, so that is another powerful way for men to get support. The Circles are online or in-person in the mid-Hudson Valley, NY.

I suggest scheduling a free discovery call so I can learn more about what you’re looking for, and we can discern if we’re a solid fit for one another.

If we’re not a fit, I do my best to be sure that you find the right person for the help that you or your loved one wants.

Do you teach mindfulness?

We do integrate multiple forms of mindfulness, meditation, and embodied awareness and integration practices within sessions, workshops, and group experiences.

Do you do public speaking?

Yes, I create and facilitate custom tailored, interactive learning experiences for groups (leadership, teams, staff, congregations, etc.).

Where can I learn more about Constellation Work?

A free discovery call is a great way to learn a bit more about this unique work, but attending a circle as a witness or representative is the best way to learn what’s available through this experience.

The Constellation Circle calendar is maintained on the Now page with other current and upcoming events.

Short of learning through these options, we have a brief description of Constellations here.

I welcome your wild curiosities and questions.

If you do not see your questions here, feel free to use the contact form below to ask me anything. This is not a static page, and your question may very well be a fresh, frequently asked question that needs to be added. Start the conversation below.