Group Experiences

Groups generate genius.

There’s no mistaking the feeling of being in a group and letting others listen as you share your truth – your vision, fear, success, curiosity, and love.

That feeling of excitement, butterflies, blushing, and the thrill to “put it out there,” finally.

And there’s the feeling of witnessing someone do something bold or tender or scary. The awe of watching them feel the fear and find the courage to be real and vulnerable.

And the amazing moments of recognizing our shared humanity; that we’re able to cultivate safety and really grow together.

It can be so healing, reassuring, and strengthening to see that we are not alone.

When the collective begins to lift us out of our interior worlds and into relationship with the world, we learn how to feel integrated and whole while maintaining contact with others.

We get to leave the shell of our interior world and learn to be held in community, and we learn to hold others and witness them quaking AND radiating with courage and dignity.

Insights rise out of these moments of courage and vulnerability.

Being supported to stay with challenging conversations, sitting together with tough truths, and celebrating victories together all offer potent learning and deep connectedness to all who are present.

The self-awareness and relational skills learned in circles and online groups are absolutely real-life skills demonstrated in real-time that can impact all our relationships.

The ripples are vast.

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Elemental Coaching Cycle

Gain access to collective genius and support for deep transformation and a high-leverage creation cycle.

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Custom Engagements

Take advantage of a custom group experience to meet specific needs for growth and learning emerging out of our work together (for established clients).

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Elemental Coaching Cycle

The leverage and support of collective genius…

Dive into a focused, deliberate transformational process in the company of other visionary leaders.

If you’ve ever done this, you know the potential for dynamism and deep-seated wisdom of such a group experience…

Transcending our individual capacities through the group…

Standing in support of others and courageously facing their learning and growth…

… it gives you insight and strength.

When we hold a space for each other – giving attention and care to our success… it’s contagious and reaffirming.

Plus, we get the opportunity to work our collective relational muscles in ways that we can’t always do with one-on-one coaching.

Sharing to catalyze deep, lasting growth…

We’ll share in each other’s desires, fears, failures, and triumphs.

We’ll generate a potent space for skill building and sharing, mutual support, and electric moments crackling with courage and vulnerability.

We’ll give voice to bold visions, take ownership, and hold space for each other to feel the pinch of new learning… and uplift of grace and momentum along the way.

Structure of the Elemental Coaching Cycle

This is a seasonal (12-week) online coaching group.

This opportunity includes 4 intensive, private sessions with David, 6 group calls, access to weekly office hours, and weekly integrity check points (Group I-Calls).

This is where applied structure feels more like a playground to swing from, rather than a joy-squashing arrangement for dampening your senses and vitality.

Making it happen…

Interested in high-integrity, high-momentum growth?

Ready for sensory-rich skill and capacity building?

Can’t wait to “fail forward” and have fun bonding along the way?

If you feel that itch of curiosity, let’s get on a call to see if this is a fit for you: (503) 267-4197

Custom Engagements

When emergent magic happens…

With established clients, we create custom group experiences to meet specific learning and growth needs.

These engagements emerge out of work that we are doing with clients… when greater collaboration is called for… when more parties need to be included.

We create these customized group experiences as we sense collective threads revealing themselves with clients; we follow that sense – creating and facilitating the perfect context for collective genius to emerge.

A space where we are deeply in each other’s care…

Group experiences emerge and evolve all the time; it’s what we do as deeply relational practitioners and collaborative souls.

It’s hard to match the potency of a group invested in learning and growing together – harnessing the moments of genius and emergent insight as they arise.

In the tension between collective care of the group and sovereignty of the individual, we fortify our connections and our ability to connect, collaborate, and co-create in community.

If you’re a current client, reach out to us to discuss whether a custom engagement might be the right solution for you: (503) 267-4197