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Hello World! 

This is the beginning of something new. “Hello World!” seems like an appropriate title, even if it is the default title auto-populated in any blog. If I were to add a subtitle, it would be, “Welcome to The Forest,” but more about that later. 

On this day of quickening, the Spring Equinox, I’m an inspired new sapling just lifting the bed of leaves on the forest floor enough to take a breath, feel the exquisite shock of sunlight enough to electrify my cells, and show myself in this vulnerable lithe state. 

There must be this first moment of maximum vulnerability. Here goes…Hello, world! May I write and share with resilience, curiosity, and aliveness like an acorn sending a shoot up out of the darkness, stretching for the light of the open sky, defying gravity and entropy, becoming itself. 

I created Sofia Studio as a wisdom and creativity practice, in service to individuals and organizations who want to awaken their latent power and love, so we can create a more beautiful world.

I am always seeking and listening for wisdom. I want my offerings, creations, and love to be manifestations of wisdom in action. I am learning, and often learning by doing, reflecting, and receiving. I intend to share glimpses of what I receive here.

I learn through listening. By listening, I mean that in the most expansive way–using all my senses, including the complex senses that attune to invisible information and energy. It includes listening to my heart and receiving guidance that I can only attribute to the divine source of all. 

I learn through creating, sharing, and receiving feedback. This comes back to listening again. Can I listen, sense, and hear feedback clearly and integrate what wants to be learned, refined, and awakened in me? I hope to share the feedback that life and the world is giving me, and the learning that results.

I learn through listening to my sense of wonder. I wonder why I wonder about what I wonder… What is my awareness asking me to attend to? What am I receiving as I wonder? 

I find it powerful to orient with a sense of wonder, allowing wisdom and creativity to find me.

My sense of creativity is also a form of listening. I often experience a period of suspending myself in a place of unknowing and listening for guidance, noticing energy come to me with an impulse to try something, whether it’s a new thought, a new act, a new form, a new question to consider… I let go of knowing, and I allow information, images, and insight to come.

In these posts, I intend to share my wondering and my learning. I intend to connect dots and connect with people and organizations who share in these wonders, hopes, visions, learnings, and foggy notions. I value language as a sense-making tool and a connection making medium. I intend to use it as such.

Now that I’ve been doing this for a few years now, I felt the call to add a place for me to communicate more frequently. Our ability to communicate feels essential in our collective evolution, and I have some observations, ideas, and inquiry that I’d like to share. There are transmissions that want to come through and creative, generative conversations that I want to have.

Our words create worlds. Just like me adding this page on this site creates a new space that wasn’t there before. 

I’m calling this “The Forest.” 

Naming feels powerful and helpful to me, and I want a name that shapes the space I can inhabit and communicate from. “The Forest” feels right. 

A forest is beautiful, rich, complex, and perhaps chaotic. It’s a mythic place of darkness and adventure, the visible and invisible. There’s magic and sustenance. There’s incredible colorful complexity, and I feel a sense of divine order. 

When I am in a forest, my senses attune differently. I discover an ability to follow a faint longing to go a certain direction, without knowing why.  I get to hear birds calling and chirping, the wind rustling the leaves. I listen to more than sounds. It feels like I’m immersed in a field primordial electricity, even when I’m miles for power lines.

I want to communicate freely with the sense of permission that an owl feels as it breaks the evening silence. 

My posts may not be linear and sequential, but they will be my best attempt to create new spaces where inspiration can surface and inquiry can live as shallowly rooted or deeply interdependent and richly entangled in real live complexity. I’m not seeking complexity to make something more challenging and obtuse, but I want to honor the inevitable paradoxes, irrationalities, and ambiguities that I experience and perceive. I’m interested in seeing and speaking clearly–acknowledging what is. 

I can imagine writing that ranges from systemic leadership to sacred leadership, probably referring to mythopoetic themes, biomimicry, and neuroscience, possibly embodied mindfulness practices to non-violent communication. It’s likely to be eclectic connections that help me make sense of how we as humans create beautiful, soulful lives together.

“In the midst of all the confusion in the great marketplace of life,

did you live the life seeded in your soul to begin with?

In the twists of fate that entangled you in the troubles of the world,

did you find the thread of destiny intended for you?

And in the end, did you become weird enough

and finally wise enough to become yourself?”

-Michael Meade