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Men’s Wholeness Circles

 This is an invitation to step out of isolation and into a circle of trust…

If you’ve ever participated in a circle like this, you know the potential for powerful connection and deep-seated wisdom that can emerge through intentional group engagement.

Awakening our deep individual capacities through the collective experience…

In a ritual as old as time, we gather as a circle of men.

We get to feel the unique and potent quality of support that can come from fellow men, and we get to give wholehearted support to men. In the process, we cultivate a space for meeting the wholeness within ourselves, and for true connection with other men.

Within our circle, I facilitate our connection through dialogue, guided practices, and experiential processes that give all men an opportunity to learn, heal, and grow together. 

Together, we establish and steward a sacred container that can powerfully hold and support all of you as a man. It will ask for you to commit to yourself and to show up for others as well.

This is a place to experience trust in the company of men.

It allows you to stretch, fall apart, realign, stand firmly and harness your essential life force. The whole range of your humanity is welcome. We share in each other’s desires, fears, failures, and triumphs.

This is a sacred circle of men who are wanting to experience more alignment with their deepest truth, including our neglected and dormant parts.


You are invited to discover what’s possible

in a circle of potent, wholehearted men. 

It will call on your courage, and you will not be alone.

Together, we learn to expand and deepen our sense of wholeness, connection, and belonging.


Structure of the Men’s Wholeness Circles

These are ongoing groups, meaning there’s continuity, commitment, and deep trust cultivated. 

Circles work like this:

  • 2 sessions per month  
  • Calls are 1.5-2 hours (“long lunch format” or evening circles)
  • Online Circles meet in Zoom

If you feel that itch of curiosity, let’s get on a call to see if there’s a Circle that is a fit for you: (503) 267-4197

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