Private Sessions

Coaching & Consulting with David

Creating the Space

You will meet with David in his “Zoom room,” unless arrangements have been made to use another video conferencing tool. You won’t need to commute, but you will want a quiet, private space with a reliable Internet connection. It’s best if you are set up in a space with comfortable seating and the option to stand and move around.

Going beyond Talking

Sessions are experiential, meaning they often go beyond talking into embodied awareness exploration, visual practices, and other generative experimentation.

In our exploration, we’ll discover new possibilities, create simple practices to integrate learning, and develop high-leverage moves to springboard forward with courage and momentum.

Scheduling Sessions

Sessions are typically 50 minutes. Occasionally, a situation or process will emerge that begs for a longer creative session. This is typically arranged for a subsequent session when that arises.

In our free discovery call, we’ll gather a sense of our scope, define our meeting frequency, and determine the number of sessions to which we want to make a beginning commitment.

Schedule online

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Flow of Grace Sessions with Katie

Phone Sessions

Receiving a Flow of Grace Energy Treatment over the phone is easy and convenient. You will meet Katie on a dedicated phone line, and the session will be recorded for you.

Energy is not limited by time or space… you will shift out of physical discomfort or “stuckness” and into possibilities.

Phone sessions are typically 60 minutes.

In-Person Healing Ceremonies

Personal Healing Ceremonies are 2 hours.

Experience deep relaxation and profound transformation at the same time. Katie invokes a clear and loving healing field in which your nervous system can receive the energetic upgrades aligned with your soul’s evolution. What this means is that habitual or conditioned patterns of behaving and relating (especially the ones we don’t like and want to transcend) can be met and gently rewired. You will have a felt experience a more loving and holy relationship with yourself, right in your body.  You will leave feeling light, clear, connected with something much bigger, and a renewed sense of you whole self. You will experience of Grace. Delicious grounding snacks provided afterwards.

The Benefits of Flow of Grace

Flow of Grace sessions are cumulative: Each session builds on the next, going deeper to uncover more of your authentic health, essence, and power. Clients report increased trust and faith in themselves and in life. They notice their intuition is clearer and faster. They learn how  to interpret messages from their body and gracefully handle difficult emotions. They are catapulted along their spiritual path. Life becomes more fluid and fun. 

Schedule online

Complete the contact form below, or call us at (503) 267-4197.