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✶ Coaching & Consulting with David

Access, awaken, and activate your wholehearted potency…


✶ Men’s Wholeness Circles

This is an invitation to step out of isolation and into a circle of trust…

✶ Vision & Rhythm Cycles

This is a 12-week momentum program for vision, action, & accountability…

✶ Constellation Circles

These circles provide a group experience to restore a deep sense of belonging and sovereignty for courageous, clear movement…



Why groups?

At its best, group work is magic…

There’s a distinct feeling when collective intelligence emerges…

There’s no mistaking the feeling of being in a group and letting others listen as you share your truth – your vision, fear, success, curiosity, and love.

And there’s the feeling of witnessing someone do something bold or tender or scary. The awe of watching them feel the fear and find the courage to be real and vulnerable.

And the amazing moments of recognizing our shared humanity; when we’re able to cultivate safety, not avoid or shrink in the moment, and really grow together.

It can be so healing, reassuring, and strengthening to see that we are not alone.

When the collective begins to lift us out of our interior worlds and into wholehearted relationship with the world, we can learn how to feel integrated and less fragmented.

We get to leave the shell of our interior world and learn to be held in community, and we learn to hold others and witness them quaking AND radiating with courage and dignity.

Insights rise out of these moments of courage and vulnerability.

Being supported to stay with challenging conversations, sitting together with tough truths, and celebrating victories together all offer potent learning and deep connectedness to all who are present.

The self-awareness and relational skills learned in circles and online groups are absolutely real-life skills demonstrated in real-time that can impact all our relationships.

The ripples of impact are vast…

Have you experienced this? I highly recommend it.

Let’s start with a conversation.