It’s time to move!

Are you feeling innovation and inspiration percolating around you?

Do you need to solve a complex issue that will involve and impact a lot of people with varied interests and expertise?

Does your organization need to pivot quickly and cost-effectively?

Stuck sitting on a visionary game-changer, not sure how to begin and how much to commit?

If you’re ready to move, sprints could be the cost-effective tool you need!

An invaluable tool in the business world…

Sprints were popularized by Jake Knapp after developing the methodology at Google Ventures.

They’ve since gained huge popularity within the start-up world.

They’re used heavily among product designers who are constantly tweaking and improving your experience of everyday technology.

Peace of mind before launch…

A design sprint is an efficient facilitation technique for answering critical questions and solving complex problems.

They involve designing, rapid prototyping, and testing ideas with real-time feedback from real people who would be impacted by your solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice to begin with some peace of mind that you’re on the right track early in your process – that you’ve received valuable input from a broad variety of key people before launch?

Cultivating a culture…

This could be a critical piece for cultivating the culture you wish – a chance to really walk your talk.

This could be a watershed moment…

Sprints could be the missing link in creating the fun, energizing, and inclusive environment that you aspired to generate.

Saving time and money…

It can be a huge time-saver in the long run by harnessing cross-functional collaborative alignment early in a complex change process or innovation cycle.

Start now, experiment quickly, fast-forward your learning, and test co-created ideas for real feedback fast. This could apply to so many areas of possibly costly innovation and growth work.

Working with you through Sprints…

We’ll work with you to create a customized sprint process, ranging from an afternoon session to a full 4-day sprint (Sprint 2.0).

As an evolutionary arts collective, we offer sprints for a variety of complex, collaborative efforts.

We’re inspired and emboldened to lift this valuable “technology” out of product design and apply it to other areas of innovation.

What can we do through Sprints?

How might we creatively apply design sprints and other tools to the conscious evolution of commerce?

  • Visionary Alignment Sprint – How might we surface, express, and test our vision alignment to feel confident that we are solid taking next steps?
  • Regenerative Design Sprint – How might we generate growth visions and experiments that align with our visions for collective community’s Regenerative Design aspirations?
  • Organizational Design Sprint – How might we generate, test, and evolve our organizational design guidelines that support our greater purpose and core values?
  • Curriculum Design Sprint – How might we develop and test an experimental (and experiential) curriculum to feel confident implementing it, scaling it, and designing sufficient feedback loops for improvement iterations?
  • Appreciative Inquiry Sprint – How might we merge Appreciative Inquiry conversation framing with the collaborative potential of sprints?
  • Circularity Sprint – How might we evolve our processes and products for our Circular Design aspirations?

We would love to collaborate with you.

Full confession: These are areas of curiosity and creativity for us, not well-tread paths.

We’ll craft a customized version of a sprint to suit your emergent needs and your specific growth edge.

Are you ready to make that move in your organization with information and peace of mind?

If you’re a facilitator, consultant, or designer seeking collaborative partners for integrating your best practices with other high-leverage change tools, let’s talk to see if we’re a fit.