This Spring…

Not just any spring, This Spring. 

This Spring I’m called to share what’s been gestating in private and more intimate company. I have an acute sense of, “If not now, when?” This feels like a time to expose and share and birth and fail and learn what’s wanting to be learned in this potent, bewildering time. 

With so much disruption and change thrust upon us, what do we want to do differently now? 

With so many norms being challenged, human interaction adjusting to new distances between us, and sense of mobility being limited in new ways, I’m really taking stock in how I create connection, joy, and meaning. 

I do seasonal visioning and intention setting. I’ve done this with the same accountability partner for 9 straight seasons, and this Spring has a unique potency to it. My partner and I hold a visioning session at the beginning of each season and we guide each other toward some clarity of purpose for that 12-week horizon. Over the past couple years, this session has been helpful for articulating what’s important to each of us. We’ll include visions that touch on all aspects of life–Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Relational, Vocational, Financial, Creative, and Rejuvenative. 

This Spring seems to have something extra in store for us. We both noticed this quality of attention and intensity leading up to our visioning session and during the session. We allotted ourselves 2 hours this time–usually 60-90 minutes has felt like enough. I noticed that we also were innovating new questions for each other and calling each other into more and more refined clarity. Being that this is unscripted, self guided, and self managed, we were able to sense what was naturally emerging, not just going through the motions. 

As a result of our robust visioning session, I’m feeling excited for this season. 

My vision for this season includes some expansive new business creations (more details to follow later in the season) and developing a new rhythm with writing and sharing. It also includes some specific challenging physical goals, so I’ll be attending to new practices and exercises that help me gain strength. My physical strength, mobility, and sense of ease impacts all other experiences and efforts. I’m committed to learning how to live well and age gracefully in my 6’8” body. I’m also committed to deepening my private client work. To this end, I’m expanding my daily practices (morning ritual, daily writing, walks, etc.), all of which support me being more present and potent in those engagements. And, I love designing, playing, and making things. This season will include some sandal making projects, learning bass guitar, book shelf design/build, and painting explorations. 

After more than a year filled with many upheavals, adjustments, losses, and constraints, I feel more creative, vital, and excited than I have in a while. I’m thankful to my accountability partner and for having this supportive seasonal visioning structure in place. Without having the Vision & Rhythm Cycle as a personal practice, I don’t know if I would have been so present to the emergent life force that that is calling me forth to do new things and seize the joy that I feel at the onset of This Potent Spring. 

Here’s to the unfolding and unfurling ahead…