Vision & Rhythm Cycles

If you find yourself longing but lagging…

This answers the call for something to counter the friction and stagnation to break free of inertia.

This cycle is designed to clarify vision, strengthen action, and deliver compassionate accountability.

Instead of struggling down a half chosen path…

This is a way to generate momentum in the direction you want to go.

What golden idea are you wanting to begin?

What habit or practice have you been fantasizing about starting for far too long?

Get a new form of accountability for wise action. 


This is a 12-week cycle for generating inspired forward movement

& cultivating supportive rhythms.

  • More mindful than measured
  • More momentum than stagnation
  • More support and compassion than brow beating and judgement
  • Less flailing, lapsing. and lagging…


What’s possible when you actively imagine what you want


Develop a cadence for doing and reflecting and refining? 


How we do it:

  • Begin with a hands-on VISION DESIGN SESSION (60-90 minutes)
  • Weekly INTEGRATION CALLS (I-CALLS) for check-in & refining
  • I-CALLS are open office hours; drop-in for 5 or stay for the hour of community learning & support
  • CLOSING SESSION for gathering wins, insights, and opportunities (60-90 minutes)
  • Committed community for support and solidarity
  • Structured template for VISION & RHYTHM tracking
  • 12-weeks of powerful, compassionate support & guidance


Enrolling now for the Summer Cycle

Beginning on June 30th, 7:00-8:30pm (session will be recorded).

If you feel that itch of curiosity, let’s get on a quick call to see if this is a fit for you: (503) 267-4197




For more detail about how the Vision & Rhythm Cycle works, read further.

The hands on vision session is a process in which I guide us into a state of creative imagining and crystalizing what we are wanting. It includes intentional prompts that help us get in touch with what’s naturally motivating and desirable. We feel our way toward articulating a highly personalized, crystal clear vision for the 12 weeks ahead. It activates our inner senses and deep guidance as I provide ways of visualizing and listening intently for what we truly desire. We activate all the senses, even beyond the big 5. This gives us a foundational vision that comes from our core and leads us forward into this season of growth and learning. 

You’ll leave this session with a clear, intrinsically inspired vision that you can begin stepping right into. 

(I provide a structured template that is designed to generate and hold our initial visions and the learnings that we gather in our weekly rhythm of reflecting.) 

Every week I host an Integration Call (I-CALLS) for reflecting on what’s working. Which rhythms are flowing and gaining momentum, and which ones are sputtering? We make space for questions and fine-tuning how to experiment next. 

This call is an open office hour in which I kick off the call with some framing for where we are in the Vision & Rhythm Cycle, then individuals share what they’re learning and get feedback. Participants can just drop in to report and integrate some learning for refining their next week’s vision. The call is designed to allow people to stop by for as little or as much as they like–a 5-minute tune up or spend the hour buoyed up in the company of intentional, supportive community. 

Quick, crisp check-ins can be potent, AND sticking around to encourage others and hear what they’re learning in their own pursuits can yield some amazing resonant learning. The collective intelligence can really shine on these calls. 

By creating this container for a weekly rhythm of reflection, we defy the natural tendency to trend toward inertia or entropy. We cultivate a strong rhythmic pulse of weekly wake-up calls, instead of having the desire to do something new, only to look up 6 months later and realize that we haven’t made the headway that we’d hoped. We can experiment quickly and frequently, start small, and continuously come back to what we really want. 

This practice can also create a healthy relationship with trying new things, starting small, rapid experimentation, and continuous improvement and learning as a result. What we focus on grows.

At the start of Week 6, I facilitate a MIDWAY ALIGNMENT SESSION. This is an opportunity to gather cumulative learnings and attune to how the original vision and purpose is taking shape. What wants refreshed support and energy? This call offers more space to dig into some hands-on workshopping of what’s becoming clear for the 2nd half of the season.

After Week 12 of the season, I facilitate a CLOSING SESSION, where we celebrate what’s been born, what’s been grown, and what is ready for harvest!

  • What wins deserve some recognition?
  • Who are we becoming when we intend and attend to our visions with such life-affirming consistency?

This call is a chance to name and claim the learning that can be carried forward as new visions, new practices, and new desires long for our attention and energy.

This is such a beautiful call for each individual and the collective. 

The community is the elusive magical ingredient is this transformative process. On calls, each of you will get to boldly share what you’re up to, what you’re learning, and who you’re becoming along the way. In hearing others take ownership for their actions and hearing how each of us learns our own lessons, the learning ripples out in to collective. Sometimes another person’s report sparks the brightest learning and new movement flows from there. There is uncanny wisdom and endless inspiration in sharing a journey with a community. 

My hope is that more of us get a taste of living with purpose and vision. May we all have a sense of what it feels like to claim what you want to create. May we hold ourselves and each other accountable in processes, big and small, and experiments that move us forward. May we feel safe and brave to learn new lessons wholeheartedly in the compassionate company of fellow creators.

We are better together. We are not alone.